Value Education Sessions - Need of the Hour for Parents by Br Yukta Chaitanya

February 26, 2024

Interactive sessions for parents of Std 11 at Sri TP Bhatia College of Science Brahmachari Swami Yukta Chaitanyaji from Chinmaya Mission 25th February 2024, Sunday.

The interactive sessions for Std 11 parents of KES’ Sri T P Bhatia College of Science began on 25th February, 2024, addressed by Swami Yukta Chaitanya- Chinmaya Mission.

Today it’s widely experienced that everyone is under stress. We decided to start a program for our students and their parents that would address the need for a balanced mind, peace with oneself, aiming for inner transformation of individuals resulting in a happy world around them.

About Swami Yukta Chaitanya

Brahmachari Yukta Chaitanya ji is the ‘in-charge’ for Chinmaya Bhakti Zone (Bhayandar – Jogeshwari) Chinmaya Mission, Mumbai. Purvaasharam, he was a Graphic Designer by profession and ran a Printing Press business. He did his Commerce stream study from Bhavans College, Mumbai and Applied Arts Course from Rachana Sansad.

In 2011 he joined the 2-year Vedanta Course @ Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Powai Ashram, under the tutelage of Swami Advayanandaji. In 2013 he was conferred upon the Deeksha by Pujya Swami Tejomayanandaji and was first posted in the Mahim Centre and now since 2018 he has been serving at the Borivali Centre. Brahmachari ‌Yukatji conducts many sessions for all age groups and he regularly takes study classes for youth and seniors. He also conducts corporate workshops for professionals, sessions for school and college teachers, etc. Right now Brahmachari Yukta ji, along with Sri TP Bhatia College of Science, is also serving as a mentor to KES Shroff College of Commerce and Arts, Thakur College of Science and Commerce, taking regular sessions for all the students. He loves cricket, hockey, chess, and photography.

Highlights of the Sessions for Std 11 parents

A few questions are thrown to the parents to think over and respond:

  • Why did you marry?
  • You love your child or you are attached to the child?
  • love is in spite of … and attachment is because of …
  • Do you protect your child?
  • Have you made your child independent?
  • World is very harsh. Prepare your child to face the world
  • Biggest enemy is parents for child. Because unknowingly they protect them.
  • Whatever you do children hear and sanskar happening. They will do same.
  • Today’s children are not like you. They are braver and will do what they want.
  • Children talk about suicides.
  • Children have come through you but they are not for you. Not with the intention that they will take care of you.
  • Children have come with their own prarabdh, our work is like a gardener just provide with water.
  • When they are ready to fly motivate them.
  • It’s children duty to respect you but it will only come through the sanskar put by you.
  • First of all free them. And support them. Then see how they perform.
  • Marriage may not fulfil your dreams. Make your child like that. Like a hero you did not get.
  • Children will get what you exhibit.
  • Stress is due to wrong parenting.
  • Where is your mind ? What is the nature or function of the mind?
  • If you don’t know and still we are using it, then there is bad result. Just think of your purpose of life.
  • Win love and respect of child they will listen to you.
  • Trust them love them unconditional.
  • Parents get scared of child. Parent said that the lecture had an effect on my child
  • Where is happiness

In the form of question/answer and debates the parents discuss such topics and are given some thought provoking questions to think over.
The importance of relationships between parent and child is crucial to child’s success. Some of such very important topics are discussed and parents are encouraged to find solutions to keep child stress free and lead a happy and successful life.

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