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November 11, 2023

Activities :
We have been using times NIE not only as a teaching tool for learner’s but also as a relationship builder with their parents. In addition to that I taught students how to make Newspaper reading a learning tool during vacations !

After the schools closed for vacation, many students are travelling to their native places or going out with family to enjoy. It was a very long and eventful two years of the pandemic having lot of negative impact on students’ learning. Children learn best in schools with their peers and in the atmosphere of school where they get chance for various co curricular activities too. The one positive thing that came out of Covid 19 has been receiving the soft copy of the students edition of Times of India, Time NIE every morning.

Times NIE has beaten the path by being so punctual in bringing out the E edition throughout the Pandemic for students free of cost.

As a school student, I was introduced to newspaper reading at a very young age by my parents and so I always feel that reading any newspaper in various languages helps students in multiple ways, bringing multiple benefits that cannot be fathomed.
Students can use this habit of newspaper reading as a tool to enhance their skills and knowledge at the same time. It’s like aiming at many targets with one shot.

What’s are the few 21 st Century skills that students can develop themselves not only in school but also at home and specially during vacation, just by the newspaper reading activity effectively and consistently, without feeling the pressure of learning, in a very interesting way?

Let us look at some of them and believe me I myself was amazed when I collated the list. It completed A to Z and some more can be added by the readers. So here they are:

  1. English reading skills
  2. Comprehension skills
  3. Translation skills
  4. Analysis skill
  5. Critical thinking skills
  6. General knowledge enhancement
  7. Writing skills
  8. Creative writing
  9. Creating suitable titles
  10. Picture comprehension skills
  11. Art and poster making skills
  12. Critical appreciation skills
  13. Relationships skills
  14. Respect for diversity skills
  15. Values enhancement
  16. Vocabulary development
  17. Story writing skills
  18. Story telling skills
  19. Self-awareness skills
  20. Community awareness
  21. Citizenship value
  22. Knowledge of law
  23. Collaboration skills
  24. Media Literacy
  25. Technology literacy
  26. Social skills


What steps to follow to develop the skills mentioned above?

These are a few very simple techniques to develop the 26 skills mentioned above, just by being a regular reader of Newspapers.

1. Make a notebook for newspaper based activities. Cover this notebook, decorate the cover with creative ideas. Write your name and year on it.
2. Obtain a decent dictionary for your self.
3. Resolve to use the newspaper and the notebook every day even if it is for a short time without fail.
4. Find someone to whom you can read aloud. Parents, Grandparents( my favourite) siblings if not in your house then in neighbourhood. Don’t wait for them to be free. Fix a time for reading and read anyway at least for half an hour or till you finish reading the entire paper.
5. Read all the articles whose headlines interest you, read it aloud.
6. In your newspaper notebook write down selected 10 new words that you found with their meanings.
7. Write down in your notebook the most interesting headline according to you on each page of the newspaper.
8. Write down and learn catch slogans or valuable thoughts you read.
9. Look at any picture in the paper and write a note on whatever comes to your mind after seeing the picture.
10. Once in a while create a poster or drawing based on any news article which interests you or has a social message for the society. This poster image can be shared on social media with a title made by you.
11. Indulge in the creative activity page of the newspaper.
12. Solve puzzles and read cartoon strips. Learn to make your own cartoons.
13. Mark the articles that have stories related to law and legal actions. Update your knowledge. Make notes.
14. Read news of activities conducted in various schools. Note down the dates of celebrations for important days in your notebook.
15. Cut out beautiful interesting pictures with title and paste it on a soft board or in your newspaper notebook for future reference.
When the school reopens, show this beautiful activity book to teachers. They will surely be delighted. These newspaper activities will make students emerge a better person without any doubt.

Dr Sangeeta Srivastava
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