Maha Career Portal for Students of std 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Presented by Education Inspector West Zone, Sri. Anil Sable. Explained by Sri Sudam Kumbhar. Tech Support - Sri T P Bhatia College of Science. On 30/06/2020, Tuesday, 11:00 AM.

June 29, 2020

Maha Career Portal
An initiative of MSCERT

Students often face a question ‘what next?’after completing 10th and 12th std curriculum. Very few students and parents are aware of the innumerable career opportunities available and many of the students blindly follow or imitate what others do, irrespective of their own interests and capabilities. To overcome this problem, MSCERT – an academic wing of Education Department of Maharashtra Government in collaboration with UNICEF has recently launched Mahacareer portal in month of June 2020. The school Education Minister of Maharashtra Hon’ble Varsha Gaikwad and Director of Education Hon’ble Dinkar Patil has inaugurated the portal recently. The portal contains the information about 555 careers in different fields, 2100 training institutes / colleges, 1150 various admission procedures/ entrance exams and 1200 different kinds of scholarships.

The results of 10th std and 12th std is yet to be declared. This is the ideal time to know about the use of portal and the useful information there in. So the office of Education Inspector, West Zone of Greater Mumbai, Jogeshwari arranged a workshop on 30th June 2020 regarding the use of the portal and the important information about career opportunities. The headmasters, teachers, students from 9th std to 12th std and their parents from Bandra to Dahisar Highschools were requested to attend the webinar. Almost 24500 participates attended the webinar through Google Meet and live YouTube channel. The workshop was the first of its kind in Maharashtra.

The retired Headmaster of Shailendra Highschool and career counseller Mr. Sudam Kumbhar gave valuable information through a Power Point Presentation. He demonstrated how to login the portal and look at the kind of courses / degrees available, where the institutes are located, the time duration of courses etc.

All the students can log in by using their ssc/hsc seat numbers. They can also view the career videos accailanle on the site without logging in.

Education Inspector Mr. Anil Sabale spoke that this was a small effort to give a glimpse to all stake holders about the use of the portal. He also asserted that while choosing any curriculum/course the aptitude, interest and capacity of a child should be taken into account. The parent must not impose their expectations upon their children instead they should discuss freely with them and help to choose the courses.

The co-ordination of the workshop was done by Mr. R. S.Naikwadi, Deputy Education Inspector, while the technical and essential support was given by Dr. Sangeeta N. Srivastava, the Principal of SVPVVidyalaya and Shri T. P. Bhatia College of Science, Kandivali.

The participants gave a very positive feedback and were happy with the portal and its usefulness.

YouTube Live Link

Streamed on 30/06/2020, Tuesday, 11:00 AM !

YouTube Highlight Link

On 30/06/2020, Tuesday, 11:00 AM !
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  • Avinash
    March 21, 2022 at 11:39 am

    Thanks for giving this crucial and useful information for students in which Maharashtra govt. provides 555 career options on above mentioned portal.

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